Hi! I'm Sheila.  I’ve worked in the Fitness industry for 20 years and have been building my own Fitness and Wellbeing business for the last six.  I am a member of Community Fitness Network and Exercise Move Dance UK.

As a qualified Health Coach, I will put your personal wellbeing at the core of all I do to keep you safe and maximise your potential gain from exercise. My qualifications in Exercise to Music and Fitness Pilates mean when you come to one of my classes, whether its Zumba, Fitness Pilates or FitSteps, you can be confident you’ll not only get a warm welcome, you’ll be getting professionally planned and choreographed classes that are always being updated to keep you challenged and motivated.

Often the hardest step toward a healthier lifestyle is the first one coming through the door. My promise to you is that coming to one of my classes you’ll find a warm supportive welcome not just from me but from everyone attending. I’ve seen amazing results in my classes with huge gains in personal health, mobility, confidence and wellbeing.

We’re not just about fitness either, I see lasting frienships formed, we love to celebrate great occasions together and for those that want, we even support our local Chippenham community with fundraisers, demonstrations and donations.

But don’t just take my word for it, come along and Get Fit, Have Fun and Feel Fabulous!