Keeping your bones healthy

As we age it is important to look after our bone health. Bone health is measured by Bone Mineral Density (BMD.) In healthy bones there is a fine balance between bone formation and bone breakdown. After the age of 30 bone formation slows down and bone breakdown increases.

Looking after your bones is especially important for women entering the menopause. Women can lose up to 20% of their BMD in the 5-7 years post-menopause due to the decrease of oestrogen levels. Some studies even suggest an average bone density loss of the spine as 5% per year in the years straight after the menopause. Women can develop osteoporosis (weak bones.) You could be at an increased risk of osteoporosis if you have a family history of it, have fair skin or have previously suffered with anorexia or hypothyroidism.


Caffeine, alcohol, carbonated drinks and diets high in salt, protein and sugar have been linked to increased bone breakdown.

Try to have a diet rich in calcium, magnesium, boron, Vitamin D and K2 and phytoestrogens.

Phytoestrogens are plant oestrogens and are found in soy, chickpeas, mung beans, linseed, grains, flaxseeds.


Staying active is essential for healthy bones and muscles. Adults should do 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise if you are already active. This should involve weight baring exercise (working against gravity) like walking, Pilates or dancing. However, one of the best ways to exercise is to lift weights or use resistance bands as this will also build your muscles quicker.

Going for a walk in the midday sun, even in the winter is a good way to absorb Vitamin D and keep you active.

Maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking will help reduce bone mineral loss. Stress can also affect mineral loss, so using techniques to reduce stress can also be beneficial.

How I Can Help You

Interval training I offer Interval training exercises within my Facebook groups. We use weights during the exercises to build bone density and muscle mass.

Zumba Gold is a great way to build bone density as we use a range of movements in different directions. You also have to use your brain too!!!

Pilates uses your own body weight to strengthen bones and muscles. We also work on Balance, which can also be affected as we age.

Find out more here about how to book one of my online classes.